Brow Lamination Kit™



1 set includes all the materials you need, do it at home, save big money. Each time could last about 45-60 days, no need to draw your brow everyday. Good helper of lazy girl~


Lasts for months


High cost performance

How to use:

1: use #1 cleanser lotion to clean off the brow

2: apply #5 brow lift glue on the brows

3: brush the brows with Y shape brush, then cover it with the cling film

4: apply #2 perm lotion, covering with the cling film about 10 minutes

5: apply #3 fixation lotion, covering with the cling film about 10 minutes

6: use #1 cleanser to clean all the perm residue

7: finally, use #4 nutrition to repair the eyebrow, covering it with cling film about 10 minutes

 Package include:

1 x cling film

1 x brow lift brush

1 x 7ml cleanser

1 x 7ml perm lotion

1 x 7ml fixation lotion

1 x 7ml nutrition lotion

1 x 9ml brow lift glue


1:  if the brow styling is mess when you apply the #2 perm lotion, you could use the brow brush to styling it again;

2: everyone's skin type is different, the tolerance as well. It will be best to try it first on the skin behind your ear.