Electric Spin Cleaner

Electric Spin Cleaner

Your little helper

Let’s be honest – dusting is back-breaking work. Your old feather duster spreads dust everywhere, while using a cloth and spray is downright tedious.

CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster is the motorized duster that eliminates dust in half the time. When you’re ready to dust, just press the button and it starts spinning. All you have to do is glide it over your dusty surface. CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster practically does the work for you!

Make cleaning convenient

Say goodbye to dirty rags and cloths with this amazing electronic feather duster. It's designed for comfort, the handle is ergonomic and balanced to make dusting feel almost effortless.

Powerful and gentle

Safe to use on all kinds of surfaces. Even on the most expensive antiques and furnitures.

CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster is perfect to get tough-to-reach areas like corners, crevices, and space between appliances.

Electrostatically-charged bristles

When you use a feather duster, microfiber duster, or a generic bristled dust brush dust is pushed around. It goes back into the air and lands on another surface. You home isn’t really clean. CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster has special electrostatically-charged bristles that attract and trap dust.

Washable duster

Feather dusters aren’t meant to be washed. Each time you reuse that dirty duster, you’re spreading dust particles (and possibly dust mites) around on your furniture. CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster has removable dust heads that are washable. Just remove the dust head, rinse under water, then allow to air dry. You clean with a fresh dust head each time you dust.



  • Electrostatically-charged bristles
  • Easy to wash, do not lose hair
  • 360 degrees clean without dead angle
  • Conforms to any shape


Material: ABS + aluminum spray + nylon wire

Length: 70cm/27.56inches

Battery: AA battery (not included)

Package Included: 1 x CrazyDuster™ Electric Feather Duster

1 X Handle

1 X Short Duster Head

1 X Long Duster Head

1 X Extension Rod