Foot Peeling Mask

Foot Peeling Mask

What is a 'foot peel mask'?

Many women become shy or insecure about their dry, cracked, or rough feet. Foot peel masks are 'plastic socks' that wrap around your feet for 60-90 minutes. They are super effective at moisturizing dry, cracked feet while also peeling off the dead skin such as calluses around the toes and heels.

How do I use it?

We've made it super easy to use this exciting foot peel mask.



And you're all done! After about 3 days you'll begin seeing your feet peel like never before, and the entire process will be done around a week later.

Will this Work for me?

✅ Foot Peeling Mask natural formula works on all skin types

✅ The mask targets dry, cracked, and dead skin on all feet

✅ Foot Peeling Mask is safe on healthy skin so you can only worry about your calluses and cracks!

Cheaper than a Pedicure!

A quality pedicure can cost upwards of $60 in order for your pediatrician to remove all dead skin and soften feet. The worst part is, this removal doesn't last long at all. For just a fraction of the price, you can have soft, callus-free feet for much longer!

Treat yourself ladies, you'll never have to worry about dry, cracked feet again. It's super easy and if it doesn't work for you, we'll give you your money back!

Foot Peeling Mask lets you feel free again. It's time to be confident in sandals and never feel insecure about dry, rough feet again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My feet only have a few calluses and dry spots. Can I still use this?

A. Absolutely! The mask has a special formula that targets the most stubborn calluses and dry areas of your feet, while simply moisturizing and nourishing the rest of your foot and ankle.

Q. Is this safe?

A. All of the ingredients used in Foot Peeling Mask are natural and scientifically proven to be safe. Your feet will never be healthier!

Q. How long until I see results?

A. After about 3 days, your feet should begin to peel away dead skin. The entire process is typically finished after 7 days.

Q. Will this work on calluses around my toes and heels?

A. Yes! This product works super well on stubborn calluses all over your feet.