Handheld Mini Iron

Handheld Mini Iron

Keep your outfits neatly cleaned

Wrinkle don't stand a chance any more because our micro steam iron outlast and outperformed most irons on the market.  It's perfect for quick touch-ups whether at home or away.


It uses ceramic panel heating core that clear all the wrinkles at once. it also has a handy triangle shape that ensures you will be able to iron out every angle of your clothes. Quick 30-40 second heat-up time and three temperature settings makes it easy and cool.


it's 100ml water capacity. It’s the first portable steam iron that delivers 50% more steam than regular steam irons.  its lightweight and simple design that ensures you will always be able to use it comfortably, even for long periods. Our also includes an electronic pump system that helps prevent water leakage and allows you have an best steam ironing experience.