Sink Emi

Sink Emi

Won't Move---The kitchen triangular sink filter holder has four strong suction suckers which can fix on the sink without leaving traces. It is easy to disassemble and has strong load-bearing capacity. you can move to different locations on the sink ,and will not hurt the wall. NOTE:The diameter of the suction cup is 0.95". Please make sure that the edge of your sink is flat and more than 1" wide before purchasing.

Suitable for Most Sinks---This triangle tri-Holder corner sink is designed in a triangular shape to fit most shape sinks without taking up extra sink space. For better stability, it is recommended to use it on a smooth surface(Like marble, ceramic tiles, glass and smooth metal surfaces). If the surface is uneven, it will reduce the use and stability.

Durable& Eco-Friendly Materials---The sink strainer holder which is made of ABS material adopts a triangular design to make itself more stable and durable for a long-lasting use;The elastic filter net is made of Eco-Friendly Biodegradable PLA Material that will disintegrate within 180 days, protecting the planet. You no longer need to manually clean the drain strainer, just lift the mesh bag gently and throw it away.

Save Space &Multipurpose---The triangular design saves the space at the corners of the sink while increasing the opening area. This sink strainers for kitchen sink can not only be used to filter leftovers, the residue of washing vegetables, tea scraps, but also can be used to place freshly washed vegetables and fruits after replacing a new sink strainer bag.

Easy to Install---This triangle holder filter requires just simple installation, what you need to do is to dry the countertop, attach the tripod with four strong suction suckers, firmly press sucker to fix the tripod, the sink rack will be finished easily.(Make sure that the countertop and suction cup are dry before installation)